Re: [wmii] Switch to previous window or view?

From: Aaron Grattafiori <>
Date: Thu, 06 Mar 2008 14:24:21 -0800

David Morris wrote:
> I'm trying to setup some key bindings to move to:
> 1) switch to the previous selected view
> 2) switch to the previous selected window in the current
> view only
> 3) switch to the previous selected window in any view
> I think I've finally figured out how to accomplish all of
> this by creating a daemon which monitors 'wmiir read
> /events'...but it sounds a bit cumbersome. Is there
> built-in functionality that can do this?
> --David

I added something to my wmiirc for this broke when moving to 3.6.

I'm not sure if your a fan of python but.. I've been using wmii for just
over a year now with the standard wmiirc bash interface.
I recently switched to using python-wmii.

Among other improvements, It maintains a history of views that you can
cycle through with MODKEY-minus and MODKEY-plus.
This is slightly more bloaty (because its using python) but I find
extending and modifying my interaction with wmii MUCH easier and enjoyable.

*Note* I did modify a few of the default keybindings in python-wmii to
be similar to the default wmii. I also added some new ones.

statusbar/lbar stuff is also written in python and the whole thing seems
a lot cleaner. I also believe wmiirc is slightly negliected because
most of the main developers use rc.wmii dude to liking plan9's syntax
and using plan9port.

I recommend python-wmii to any wmii user with a small amount of python
experience. Much thanks to Rico Schiekel for his work.

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