[wmii] $MODKEY-t binding stopped working!

From: Martin Swift <martin_AT_swift.is>
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2008 18:35:27 +0900

Hey all,

I was just quietly working when suddenly I couldn't switch views with
$MODKEY-t any more. Most keybindings work, but switching views, adding
tags, running programs (default: $MODKEY-p) won't do anything!

I can run
  wmiir xwrite /ctl "view someviewname"
directly to switch names so I suspect the problem is in the dmenu call.

I guess this came about when I was upgrading dmenu but even after
remerging (recompiling with Gentoo's portage) both wmii and dmenu the
problem persists. Any suggestions as to what may be wrong, or even how
to fix it?

I'm running wmii 3.6 and dmenu 3.5.
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