Re: [wmii] Preparation for 3.7 Release.

From: hiro <>
Date: Fri, 16 May 2008 20:01:39 -0400

> It seems time for another release. I'm going to update wmiirc, and fix some
> outstanding bugs. This is a good time to report any issues you're been
> having, and to comment on any issues you'd really like to see fixed.

It was a long time now, without too much changes, so I developed some
habits and could think some more about wmii's concepts.

Grow and shrink was of course really interesting. Now I'm quite
confident that having a fs interface for everything related to moving
and resizing is the right way to go. Dragbox events should also be
I know that one could also just hard code all this stuff, and I would
find it appealing if it was acme-like. But I'm sure these features are
really worth it.

from the bug tracker:
> One in particular that I am able to reproduce consistently is when in default mode, you drag the bar *just* above where it was originally and it sort of snaps in place above it, when you let go, that window becomes zero height, as if it were in stack mode

It's a feature.
I've really ended up using this instead of putting windows to other
stack columns;)

I also feel an urge to grumble about the opaque moving-bar.
The bar looks bad and even worse: moving it to an absolute position,
but seeing it snapping to some random other place anyway feels really
crazy. This is also the case without the current bugs, if the bar's
position moves one row up or down.
In acme on the other hand, snapping feels fine. It's clear there, that
the cursor is only *suggesting* a position.
Column creation by mouse is way too complicated for such a simple
task. In acme it's just one command.

What about your plans of making the wmii managed area resizable? Do
you think it's not worth it?

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