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From: Stanislav Ochotnicky <>
Date: Sun, 1 Jun 2008 13:55:53 +0200


On 12:04 Sun 01 Jun , sawyer x wrote:
> Hey
> First of all, I gotta say I'm really enjoying wmii.


> - Can I edit something or script anything to get the screen to divide
> equally at half instead of 60/40 ratio every time I open a new application
> and move it to another column?

Yes you can.
this is from my rc.wmii.local:

wmiir write /colrules <<!
/1/ -> 100
/2/ -> 85+15
/3/ -> 60+40
/4/ -> 50+50
/6/ -> 100
/.*/ -> 58+42
This is I hope self explanatory.

> - Whenever there's something on zero layer (the "floating" layer), it
> obstructs everything in the background and becomes "always on". Very
> difficult to handle. Any advice?

Not really, I almost always use floating layer on its own tag (because of
issues you mentioned). Maybe others will have better solutions.

> - I know that showcasing other window managers is not a good practice ("why
> can't you do what they did?!" kind of stupid behavior) .. BUT.. in Ion3
> there's a nice idea of a scratchpad. You press a various META+key and it
> opens a floating workspace in which you can put a media player or something
> like that, that you want to access instantly from everywhere and then never
> see it until you need it. It was very useful.

Yeah, I loved ion's scratchpad too. This shouldn't be too difficult to do.
Heck, if noone else will, maybe I will have a look at this in a few weeks.

> - Any way to toggle between the existing workspaces without META+tag? like a
> "next" or "previous" thing? like META + "<" or META + ">" or whatever.

Sure there is. I am almost sure there was something like this in this list,
but I could not find it now.

Anyway, I used my own little bash script (that is UGLY as hell, but worked for
me). I uploaded it:
I am however sure someone else has created 2 rc functions for rc.wmii.local
that do the same and are 2 lines long :)

$tag_switch left
$tag_switch right

changes tag to the left/right of current one (cycling at the first/last one)
You just have to bind it to some key.

> Now, I just want to say, I'm not being disrespectful in anything. Just
> wondering about possibilities. I currently moved my computer at work
> to wmiicompletely and it's the most enjoyable and productive
> experience I've had
> yet with *nix. So, if anything, this letter should mainly be a "thank you"
> email, and then a few questions :)

Yup, you are not the only one who likes wmii. I also want to say big THANK YOU for
all the effort wmii developers have put in it. Keep on rocking

Stanislav Ochotnicky

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