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From: Suraj N. Kurapati <>
Date: Sun, 01 Jun 2008 09:26:56 -0700

sawyer x wrote:
> I have a few questions about wmii:

I've encountered and solved these same issues before in my wmiirc[1]
and my Rumai library[2]:


> - Can I edit something or script anything to get the screen to divide
> equally at half instead of 60/40 ratio every time I open a new application
> and move it to another column?

Yes, set your colrules to 50+50 for the current view (.).

# Column Rules
fs.colrules.write <<EOF
/./ -> 50+50

> - Whenever there's something on zero layer (the "floating" layer), it
> obstructs everything in the background and becomes "always on". Very
> difficult to handle. Any advice?

Simply move the floating client (window) to the managed layer
(shift-space I think) or "detach" it from the current view (see
"wmii-2 style client detaching" in [1]).

> - Perhaps relating to the previous comment, sometimes I run windows but I
> want them minimized. Any plans for this?

Use the stacked column layout or detach the unwanted clients or
select the wanted clients and make a temporary view (see "Sends
grouped clients to temporary view." in [1]).

> - I know that showcasing other window managers is not a good practice ("why
> can't you do what they did?!" kind of stupid behavior) .. BUT.. in Ion3
> there's a nice idea of a scratchpad. You press a various META+key and it
> opens a floating workspace in which you can put a media player or something
> like that, that you want to access instantly from everywhere and then never
> see it until you need it. It was very useful.

Detaching works in this case, although you may want to set up a
separate key-binding which attaches/detaches from a special
"scratchpad" tag.

> - Any way to toggle between the existing workspaces without META+tag? like a
> "next" or "previous" thing? like META + "<" or META + ">" or whatever.

See "focus the previous view" and "focus the next view" in [1].
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