Re: [wmii] don't edit the wiki anymore

From: Uriel <>
Date: Sun, 22 Jun 2008 17:03:58 +0200

On Sun, Jun 22, 2008 at 1:04 PM, Anselm R. Garbe <> wrote:
> On Sat, Jun 21, 2008 at 07:36:35PM +0200, Uriel wrote:
>> What new wiki?
> A very minimalistic one written in C which uses Gottox'
> libsmu[1]

This is quite interesting. Wish somebody had told me about it a while ago.

> in the first step. It's more a site-generator than a
> wiki, because the contents will be editable through a public hg
> repository. Thus I consider some very lightweight web server
> which only serves static pages to have it running (I will use
> thttpd or lighttpd in the first step).
Ok, nothing personal, but I have had enough with all the changes to
the website over time, if Kris doesn't object I'm going to
move the wmii website under the werc wing at

Admitedly, if I find it compatible enough with existing moarkdown I
might even use a formater based on libsmu, really sucks,
but then with the cache script we have in werc is not too bad.

> A first version will be up running on Tuesday approx. The site
> generator is called dweb. The wiki and related repositories will
> be running on its host to make sure nothing else can be
> compromised.

Running everything inside a virtualized pc is just too crazy for me,
and if one is paranoid about security I would rather port werc to
inferno, which kris I think already did some work on, but if you run
on a virtual machine because you are writing web apps in C and you
don't trust them, you could as well run your website in a honeypot.

Anyway, nothing personal, really, but all the website changing has got
to annoying and confusing. Also I would like to start using
releaser(1) and other such things (I'm building a trac-like system on
top of werc) to make setting up and updating project websites easier.
Actually no reason we can't integrate releaser(1) with your new
website, but I rather plug it into something I know wont change every

Also I find it a bit disturbing that you ask people to stop editing
the wiki because you are moving the site to a new system when as far
as I can tell the new dweb doesn't even exist yet, that is just silly,
build dweb, and when it is up and running and so on, then migrate.

Again, I'm happy to see some competition in the 'sane web frameworks'
area so please take all this as a constructive criticism, but the wmii
website has gone though way too many reorgs and movements over the
years, and if it is going to be done once more, I'd rather do it to
something I can trust.

Of course I will let kris have the last word on this, but something
tells me that he won't be happy about your idea. (Which by the way,
would have been nice if you had consulted with us about it first).

Peace and best wishes


P.S.: And again, thanks for hosting wmii all this time, and for moving
at last to a reliable registrar, now just need to register the domain
for a few years in advance so it doesn't drop again ;) And specially
thanks for allowing me to have at your server while I sort
my own server woes (that is one nice thing about werc, it can easily
be set up anywhere with any host (as long as you have p9p, moving to
inferno would make this even better), doesn't require too fancy web
server url rewriting (although its web server config side could use
some simplification).

> [1]
> Kind regards,
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