[wmii] libixp/fs.c: wstat?

From: Michael Stapelberg <michael_AT_stapelberg.de>
Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2009 03:23:04 +0100


it seems wstat was implemented somewhen ago in libixp. As far as I could read
on the web, wstat is a 9p-call to change the fields of stat for a specific
file. It seems to be used to truncate files (on Linux with 9pfs).

However, I've noticed three problems:
1) libixp does not check whether wstat is actually provided by the server. The
   attached patch fixes it. I'm not so sure if this is done right, but at
   least there is no more segfault when trying to write "toggle fullscreen" to
   /client/sel/ctl (I know, it should be "Fullscreen toggle", but use it as a
   test case).

2) wmii does not implement wstat, ergo writing to meta files (/ctl) does not
   work on my computer (while writing to /rbar works), because echo cannot
   truncate the file.

3) When writing "Fullscreen toggle" to /client/sel/ctl, something (probably
   9pfs) produces a hard-lockup (sound freezes, X11 freezes, nothing possible
   no more, just reboot). This may be related to 2). I'm not sure how to
   further debug this.

Best regards,

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