Re: [wmii] wmii crashes on exit

From: Giuseppe Pagnoni <>
Date: Tue, 3 Feb 2009 17:04:36 +0100

hi alex,

thanks for the suggestions. the newest driver from nvidia hasn't made
it into the ports tree yet, but i installed it manually now and will
check if the problem disappears with the new version. the open source
driver unfortunately does not support accelerated GL.

very best,


On Wed, Jan 28, 2009 at 6:26 PM, Alex Kilgore <> wrote:
>> thanks for the quick reply. I had the same feeling but I was hoping
>> to be wrong. I'll do a more thorough check to see whether this occurs
>> also with other wm.
> Hi,
>>>> Could this be related to some hardware issue (I am thinking of the
>>>> usual suspect, the nVidia card...)? The nVidia card (GeForce 9500 GT)
>>>> is running under the proprietary driver
> Could just be the driver. I do not use the nvidia drivers, as i have an
> intel card, but i had a similar issue a long time ago, turned out to be the
> video drivers, the problem ended up being fixed after some updates.
> keep checking online for new versions, i noticed the latest proprietary
> driver that supports your card on the nvidia site (180.22) is higher than is
> installed on your system (177.80)
> also have you tried the open source driver?
> Alex K.

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