Re: [dev] uzbl

From: Leonardo Taccari <>
Date: Sun, 24 May 2009 18:11:37 +0200

On Sun, May 24, 2009 at 04:43:31PM +0200, Enno Boland (Gottox) wrote:
> NCURSES?! LIBCACA?! You're absolutely insane!
> Only because it's terminal based makes the libraries not better.
> GTK is the least sucking way (anyway not a good one) to use Webkit. If
> you want to use a textbrowser use elinks.
> I think uzbl is a good base to write a better browser, but I believe
> gtk can't be removed without touching webkit itself.
> regards
> Gottox
I agree with you Enno, I think that uzbl can became a very interesting
browser because it's trying to follow the Unix way and at the same time
its rendering, thanks to Webkit, isn't bad.

About options I think too that using getopt(3) style options is simpler,
at least for the user but at this state of the development it's just a
small detail (and probably writing a patch to fix this behaviour isn't
very hard).

I should try uzbl soon, thanks for this web browser and keep up the good

Ciao, Leonardo

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