Re: [dev] [wmii] Mouse problems

From: Tom Kazimiers <>
Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2010 16:46:34 +0200


On 07/13/2010 04:03 PM, Kris Maglione wrote:
> My guess is that the problem is in Rumai. wmii really doesn't have
> much directly to do with mouse clicks except for left clicks on
> titlebars and resizing. Are you talking about menus, here, or
> something else? Also, have you tried one of the other wmiircs?

thanks for the input. well the problem was (I think I just solved that
issue) that I could only do mouse interaction at random. It did not
matter what I did (menus, dragging, resizing, clicking in applications).

Indeed, wmii was the not the cause, nor was Rumai. After reading a
thread on mouse issues on Ubuntuforums (soon - a switch to Arch :-),
nevertheless a good forum) [1], I switched the mouse driver in
xorg.conf. The relevant section in it is:

Section "InputDevice"
    Identifier "Mouse0"
    Driver "evdev"
    Option "Name" "Logitech USB Receiver"
    Option "HWHEELRelativeAxisButtons" "7 6"

Prior to that I used "mouse" as driver.


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