Re: [dev] [st] bold as bright (again)

From: pancake <>
Date: Fri, 01 Apr 2011 15:06:09 +0200

Oh.. i was about to push the patch...until I realized the original thread.

Check those pictures:

I executed the scripts in to check for 256
colors and
normal ansi escape codes. And here's the result:
(left one is xterm, and right one is st)

As you may see.. not all ansi scape codes are supported, and I would prefer
to have a patch implementing support for those missing escape codes.

Then I run irssi:

You may see some other differences... and the missuse of bright when bold
sometimes hurts my eyes... but some programs just are hard to read without

Another annoying thing I found in st is that text selection does not
reflects it
correctly until you release the mouse button, this is a bit annoying
because you
dont see what's going to be copied into the clipboard until it's too late.

So, before adding this patch I would prefer some more discussion to make st
more usable. and less eye-harmful.

On 04/01/11 10:58, Stefan Mark wrote:
> Some time ago, i submitted a patch that makes colors bright for bold
> text. Most Terminals do that, and some programs rely on this (like
> htop). The patch was rejected unless more people ask for it.
> As it seems, i'm still the only one, but i modified the patch to make
> the bold-is-bright behavior optional. Now i try again.
> I attached two variants of the patch, one uses preprocessor directives
> (pp.diff), the other not. Maybe i'm more lucky this time :)
> greetings
> stefan
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