Re: [dev] [dwm] about _NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW support

From: Bjartur Thorlacius <>
Date: Sun, 15 Jan 2012 18:18:03 +0000

Žann sun 15.jan 2012 18:09, skrifaši Andreas Amann:
> The problem is that Ivan uses wmname to set _NET_WM_NAME to "LG3D".
> Actually chromium does not care about _NET_WM_NAME. But "wmname" has a
> dirty side effect, it sets the _NET_SUPPORTING_WM_CHECK property of the root
> window to the window id of the root window. That is clearly against EWMH
> rules and it would be better if wmname would leave _NET_SUPPORTING_WM_CHECK
> alone. I guess Chromium for some reason is smart enough to figure out that
> _NET_SUPPORTING_WM_CHECK is not set correctly, and therefore seems to decide
> that it cannot trust the wm. The correct solution is therefore not to use
> "wmname".
Should we not patch wmname?
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