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From: hiro <23hiro_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 10 Mar 2013 14:16:00 +0100

I still sometimes need a full bloated web browser for bureaucratic
bullshit, but opera doesn't work well with javascript lately and is
anyways moving to webkit soon. So I need an alternative.

chrome doesn't work since web developers found out about new annoying
features like autocomplete="off" and onpaste="return.
I'm not accepting such pedantry, but still I sometimes need working
javascript and cookies and popups and other such bullshit to
automatically log in to the automatically logged out super serious
business sites that I use to organise some parts of my life.

does any suckless browser refuse to support these stupid features by
default? is there a list of features not supported so I can check if
my issues are not covered?

in the end I want to keep scripts like $home/bin/ebay which would
starts a single window with just logged-in ebay and apart from that be
in a pristine state with no connection to anything else on my system
or any other web site. This means when I kill, crash, close this shit
it shall not leave anything else behind apart from my self-created
script in bin.

I think it doesn't even need plugin support e.g. flash.

For this i don't even care that webkit is so fucking bloated, as I
want it just for a handful of sites I have to use once in a while but
only for very short time spans. On the other hand I will still use old
opera versions, dillo, mothra on 9front or my kindle for reading
normal text i.e. real information on the web.

are there any other new usable browsers lately? other ideas, recommendations?

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