Re: [dev] web browsers

From: hiro <>
Date: Sun, 10 Mar 2013 17:19:49 +0100

> God I hate a lot of the web.

That's the spirit!

Sadly we have to fight against three things: what standards do wrong,
what web browsers do wrong and what web developers do wrong.

I would prefer having a web browser that by default just refuses to
support bullshit like autocomplete="off" or onpaste="return", or e.g.
the older blinking marquees, but for surf the only way I see to block
html/js features like these is to filter them out with some custom
userjs, just the same as in chrome. Remember: disabling js might not
be an option if the reason I'm using surf/chrome/webkit is that the
site requires js.

I don't think we can make the rules too big and general as less common
bullshit websites will often demand for hand-tailored solutions. In
opera you can have usercss and userscripts on a per site basis. Does
someone have a good working system like that using surf?

more stuff that annoys me regularly:
-opening popups, links, other shit in new *windows* even when you
normally have everything in tabs.
-opening new windows/tabs although you didn't middle-click. Shit
should fucking reuse the current window regardless what stupid target=
or javascript obscurities command.
-having to scroll horizontally because some stupid text doesn't fit in
fullscreen 1024x768 browser window
-javascripts that keep on running like crazy in the background without
me interacting with the page at all.
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