Re: [dev] web browsers

From: Nick <>
Date: Sun, 10 Mar 2013 15:57:41 +0000

Quoth hiro:
> I don't mean a list of all features imaginable, I mean a list of
> features that exist e.g. in chrome, but are disabled in surf by
> default, for sanity reasons. If you read again what I wrote my concern
> is not lack of features. My biggest problem about web bullshit is that
> it is too difficult to disable features.

It would be interesting to make a list of commonly annoying & worth
disabling (or at least providing a toggle to disable) features. Of
course -sp does basically all of this, but at the expense of quite a
few sites refusing to work at all.

The most annoying thing I've found is quite a few sites like the
piratebay and isohunt have some javascript that opens a popup (or
multiple ones) if you click anywhere. And because they're click
triggered, no popup blockers seem to work on them (I'd guess adblock
disables the appropriate .js, though privoxy doesn't out of the

God I hate a lot of the web.
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