Re: [dev] [dwmstatus] dynamic infos

From: Thuban <>
Date: Sat, 30 Mar 2013 18:45:47 +0100

Le 17:37:54 le 30 mars 2013 , Markus Teich a écrit :
> -your indentation style is inconsistent, decide if you want to use tabs
> or spaces, in context of the file: use tabs!
Damn! I thought this problem was soved in my vim configuration...

> -return does not need braces.
> -the /tmp/.dwmbuf.tmp could get filled up if a process is misconfigured
> and spams /tmp/dwmbuf with lots of lines. You only retrieve one line per
> second. Also showing a message for only a second is not enough to read it.
The "rotate" time is an example here. I use 5 second notification at the
> I think you should not use the second file /tmp/.dwmbuf.tmp and instead
> display just the newest message from /tmp/dwmbuf and if there are no new
> messages incoming, then display it for 5seconds or such.
I just wanted to print every lines, as several notification can be

> Also have you thought about using a pipe instead of a file?
Yes, but I don't know yet how to do this.

Thanks for comments.

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