Re: [hackers] [tabbed] Move tab selection keybinding from Ctrl-t to Ctrl-` || Quentin Rameau

From: Caleb Malchik <>
Date: Tue, 9 May 2017 11:26:14 -0700

Hi quinq,

If we are bikeshedding keybindings maybe this would be a good time to
ask about Ctrl-q, Ctrl-b, and Ctrl-u being default in tabbed? These
all conflict with the default bindings in most shells.

This was surprising to me, as I assumed most tabbed users at least use
Ctrl-u in the shell. Leaving it default could be justified on the
basis that it forces users to configure tabbed to their liking. But if
that is our philosophy, this change doesn't seem justified.

I will defer to your experience, but I would at least like to hear the
thinking behind this.

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