Re: [hackers] [tabbed] Move tab selection keybinding from Ctrl-t to Ctrl-` || Quentin Rameau

From: Quentin Rameau <>
Date: Thu, 11 May 2017 00:52:47 +0200

> Hi quinq,


> If we are bikeshedding keybindings maybe this would be a good time to
> ask about Ctrl-q, Ctrl-b, and Ctrl-u being default in tabbed? These
> all conflict with the default bindings in most shells.

I think this is discutable indeed, I have attached patches to change
Basically I've remapped:

Close client: Ctrl q to Ctrl ‐
Focus urgent: Ctrl u to Ctrl /
Toggle urgent: Ctrl Shift u to Ctrl Shift /

I've also changed the tab manipulation keys to what seems more
accessible to me:

Navigate around with j and k, which are directly fingers in idle state.
Move tabs around with h and l.

I'd like some feedback regarding all those changes, if people feel
concerned please tell me about it!

If I don't get opinion against it, I'll push those.

> This was surprising to me, as I assumed most tabbed users at least use
> Ctrl-u in the shell. Leaving it default could be justified on the
> basis that it forces users to configure tabbed to their liking. But if
> that is our philosophy, this change doesn't seem justified.

To be honest I don't use a qwerty layout so the default keys are not
in the way, so I didn't realize it…

> I will defer to your experience, but I would at least like to hear the
> thinking behind this.
> Best,
> Caleb

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