Re: [dev][dmenu] Complaint about the merging of dmenu & dinput.

From: Connor Lane Smith <>
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2010 22:01:14 +0100

Hey Andrés,

On 12 October 2010 21:51, Andrés Musetti <> wrote:
> I've updated dmenu recently, and noticed that dinput is gone, because it was merged into dmenu.
> I'd personally like to have dinput back, because I think it's better suited to some tasks than dmenu.

The problem with dinput is it lead a lot of duplicated code. While
developing I kept finding myself having to fix each bug twice. The
only solution would be to add a lot more generic code, which is not

> For example, I used dinput to quickly edit the URL in surf, because it required less "interaction" than dmenu: the URL was right there, waiting to be edited.
> In contrast, if I want to edit the URL in dmenu, I have to retype the URL, or first Ctrl+Y, then Ctrl+G, and then paste into dmenu, all that "extra" steps in order to edit the same URL.

If your surf is configured correctly, editing the URL in dmenu ought
to be a case of pressing Tab. I think this is default in hg?

> Not a big deal, but I think dmenu and dinput are for different and complementary things: dmenu is for quickly picking a string among many others, while dinput if for quickly editing a given string.

This was the idea, but unfortunately it seems to be too clunky. (And
simplicity should not come at the cost of usability.) But like I say,
at its current state dmenu becomes dinput as soon as you hit Tab.

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