Re: [dev] which minimal os

From: Antoni Grzymala <>
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2011 00:57:37 +0100 dixit (2011-02-17, 00:33):

> Excerpts from Claudiu Bucur's message of Fri Feb 11 22:35:31 +0100 2011:
> > gentoo is as minimal as you can get or as complex as you want. you compile
> > everything locally, with the help of the portage repository (even the
> > kernel). it has been my closest experience to what i imagine "linux from
> > scratch" would be like.
> >
> > also, the gentoo boards are the most active i have seen.
> *WHY* does every gentoo user say these very same things about gentoo? Do you
> copypaste this text from somewhere in the gentoo boards?
> If all talk on the gentoo boards consists of people copypasting this
> boilerplate^Wtext, and that's what you believe is so great about gentoo, I
> never want to try gentoo ever in my life.

*WHY* did you waste your (and the list readers') time to write that
crap? If you're interested, just give that distro a go – if not,
ignore whatever people like/write about it.

Gentoo has a good balance in not being overengineered like Debian
(dpkg-reconfigure and all that hell) and having a decent quality
package tree (unlike arch). It's also easy to compile software
out-of-the-tree, as there are header files for everything in the
system. It's okay. Not great, neither a disaster (unless you trust the
lack of argumentation of main Gentoo haters here).

And yeah, daemons are *not* started automatically after package

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