Re: [dev] [wmii] likely memory leak

From: Kris Maglione <>
Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2011 17:49:51 -0500

On Fri, Feb 18, 2011 at 09:15:14PM +0300, Roman Belov wrote:
>I use wmii-3.9.2-r1 (gentoo ebuild) on my workstation. Today I looked at
>memory usage and saw that wmii had been occupying all memory and swap.
>Uptime was about three month.
>I am trying to reproduce this issue at home with wmii-9999 (hg, cloned today).
>Seems the devel version has this issue too.
>Take a look.
>$ ps axu | grep wmii$
>amaora 3045 0.2 0.4 6228 2480 tty1 S 19:37 0:00 wmii
>After a couple hours.
>$ ps axu | grep wmii$
>amaora 3045 0.1 0.7 7404 3620 tty1 S 19:37 0:07 wmii
>I did not find any non-outdated mentions about such issue. Strangely,
>does anyone observe this issue?

That's interesting. I hadn't noticed it before, but wmii's
resident size is up to 15MB for me. I'll look into it.

Kris Maglione
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