RE: [dev] [surf] patch for pseudo-uri idioms

From: Wolf Tivy <>
Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2011 20:56:14 -0700

Nick said:
> What's 'spacial navigation'?

Some wierd scheme where when you press arrow keys it selects the 'next'
(by some heuristic)
html element instead of shifting some constant amount. It then moves the
screen to that element.
I think it's on in mainline surf to complement the more traditional hjkl
Don't know why the option wasn't made symbolic and put at the top of the
file with it's brothers.

What it means in practice is that the first time you press down-arrow
you get the bottom of the page,
losing your previous reading context. I got hit by that too many times,
so I turned it off.
When I turned it off for myself, I moved the option to a more
conspicuous location (it was goddam hard
to find). I left it in the patch mostly because I'm too lazy to seperate
it and it doesn't cost or change anything
behaviour-wise. It should be in mainline on it's own.

So much text for such a small issue.

Glad you like the changes!

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