[dev] [sbase][patch] new expr

From: Evan Gates <evan.gates_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 7 Nov 2014 18:06:50 -0800

I fixed a few bugs and tried to sbaseify the new expr. I've attached a
patch. Please let me know if I need to make any more changes.

Make sure to look at the differences in the Makefile before deciding
to apply. I'm not convinced I did it the best way, but it is working.
Besides the changes I made to add expr I moved .POSIX to the top as
specified by POSIX and cleared the suffixes before appending ours.

I think writing a script or makefile for sbase-box may be worthwhile
as the recipe is getting ugly and it isn't built the same as the rest,
just one big call to the compiler. I've started to put some thought
into that but haven't come up with a great idea yet.


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