Re: [dev] less(1) replacement?

From: isabella parakiss <>
Date: Sun, 27 Aug 2017 19:29:00 +0200

On 8/27/17, Hadrien Lacour <> wrote:
> To be honest, it'd be more acceptable if it didn't rely on the most bloated
> shell ever (baring fish, maybe).

and you know this because of your 30+ years experience in unix?

did you know that ksh93 supports
- namespaces
- enums
- custom types with methods and members, similar to oop classes
- variable getters/setters
- floating point math and all the functions in math.h
- multiple ways to define functions with different variable scoping
- extended globbing including support for
  - {n}(foo) and {n,m}(bar)
  - bre/ere/sysv/perl-ish regex
  - non-greedy matching
  - capture groups
  - nested subexpressions
- tcp udp and sctp protocols
- multiple line editing modes, with a trap to catch keypresses
- job pools
- coprocesses
- seeking on files
- json, html, csv formatting
- dynamically loaded builtins
- most posix utilities as builtins

ksh93 is the default shell on all major commercial unices
but you hate gnu and only jerk off to openbsd/gentoo/whatever
so you never even tried ksh93, and all you can say is that bash is bloated

oh and btw

$ man zshall | wc -l
$ man gcc | wc -l

just sayin

> POSIX sh isn't that hard.
implying that i wouldn't be able to write a posix sh script?
that's offensive
please refrain from personal insults
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