Re: [dev] announcing edit-pipe

From: Thomas Levine <>
Date: Sun, 27 Aug 2017 17:48:57 +0000

I had not been aware of vipe; thank you for sending this!

Removing the perl dependency is worthwhile, even if it does not reduce
RAM usage. (And I don't know what affects the RAM usage in this case.)

Regarding the portability of your version,

* mktemp is not portable; you could use something like the date and
  process identifier ($$) to create a portable temporary file.
  (I am actually still curious as to whether there is a reasonable
  portable approach that is less sloppy than this.)
* I don't have /usr/bin/editor; how about you fall back to
  $(/usr/bin/env which ed)? Even better, just use /usr/bin/env ed
  directly rather than assigning its path as a string.
* Print errors to stderr (>&2).
* Quote "$edit" in case the editor has a space in its name.
* You haven't handled editor errors.
* vipe still is better because it has a man page.

Note that I didn't actually try running it nor comparing it to vipe;
I'm mostly just read the file you linked, and I didn't even looked very
much at vipe.
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