Re: [dwm] Basic mouse feature?

From: Christian Dietrich <>
Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2007 17:00:46 +0200

* Jeremy O'Brien <> [Jul 22 2007 02:14] wrote:
> I have noticed one thing that would be really really nice to have the ability
> to do in dwm. Sometimes when I'm feeling lazy I like to use just the mouse,
> and can obviously switch between tags very easily this way. Sometimes when
> I'm in float mode, however, or in monocle mode with the monocle patch, I find
> that I have to hit mod-tab to switch to a window that is being covered by
> another, bigger window, thus killing my mouse-only experience. I understand
> that dwm is mainly keyboard driven, but I feel it wouldn't be too difficult
> (I could be entirely wrong on this) to possibly put in detection for a
> wheelmouse event in the dwm bar to switch between windows mod-tab style. Is
> anyone else interested in this?

I've written two patches:
The one (windowscroll) give you the possibitlity to switch beetween
visible clients by using your mouse wheel over the window title.

The other (selecttag) introduces the possibility to select the next or
previous tag while calling selecttag("1") or selecttag("1"). In the
patch this is used to select the next/previous tag by "wheeling" over
the tag buttons in the bar. selecttag could also be used to emulate

I divided this into two patches, because i know that the second is not
the way you should use tags. But IMHO it is a way tag can be used.


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