Re: [dwm] Xinerama support

From: Antoni Grzymala <>
Date: Sun, 9 Dec 2007 23:10:14 +0100

Anselm R. Garbe dixit (2007-12-09, 18:27):


> > One idea I was playing in my mind with for a while was assigning some of
> > the tags to the other display and move between the displays seamlessly
> > as if moving between the tags -> I guess I'll still have the problem of
> > not being able to move the programs between other-display-tags but it'd
> > look more natural and I won't have to invoke switchscreen separately.
> >
> > For my taste, treating different displays as different tag sets is a
> > better solution than defining a very large display where one tag spreads
> > over both of the screens. But of course the ability to move program
> > windows between the displays is quite handy, too.
> One problem with using a subset of your tags for a different
> screen occures, if a window is tagged with a tag from one screen
> and with another tag from a different screen. We cannot display
> a window on two screens, at least not mirrored (Xinerama allows
> to display portions of windows on different screens however) ;)

I think this discussion is going in the right direction. My suggestion
to marry those two contradicting views would be like this:

- in normal circumstances two heads act like two separate dwm instances
  (the way I guess most people are doing now), you can jump between them
  the usual way (ie. sh -c 'DISPLAY=:0.1 swarp 512 384');

- both heads have their own freely settable sets of tags (like two
  separate dwm instances);

- add another property to a client (called head, for example),
  signifying which head a client should appear on (mutually exclusive,
  so that we don't try do display a client on both heads;

- allow changing the "head" property for a client with a keyboard-bound
  function while preserving other attributes of the client (tagset,

Do you think this makes sense?



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