[dwm] Window management ideas

From: Jonas Pfenniger <zimbatm_AT_oree.ch>
Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2007 00:09:54 +0100

I like that DWM is minimalist. Actually I don't care about the LOC,
but as a user, it's simple to use and doesn't get in my feets. Well,
almost. Actually I have two griefs : terminal resizes and I often
loose a window and must go trough the different "tags" until I find

It's sad to say, but I think terminal will never be 100% flicker-free
when resizing. There is no such thing as loosing line endings because
you used Mod-0 instead of Mod-9. In the fact, I'd much prefer them to
stay at 80char (or a multiple). It sounds weird to craft a special
rule for xterm and it's brothers but text application are in another
world than GUI apps.

Tagging windows is quite boring. From the WMII highly-customizable,
now DWM has simplified to 1-9+www. Is there a reason ? I think giving
names is hard and this part of the brain is also used while coding. I
know that DWM must stay simple, but visual elements may be another
good approach.

This may sound a great departure from DWM but I think that using
OpenGL composition would allow to resize the terminals easily while
keeping the 80chars with. I could also provide good visual feedback
for window ordering. Think of all the ways you could browse trough the
windows. This has nothing to do with fancy 3D but all with providing
powerful mechanisms.

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