[news] [farbfeld] version 2 release

From: FRIGN <dev_AT_frign.de>
Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2016 23:44:46 +0100

Hello fellow hackers,

I'm pleased to announce version 2 of farbfeld[0].
The following things have been improved:

   - 75+% speed improvement in the conversion tools
     by handling row buffers instead of each channel
     individually with atomic writes.
   - Use convert instead of xconvert in 2ff(1) to
     actually not error out when we hit anything other
     than png and jpg.
   - Major code cleanup and documentation improvement.

Thanks for all the positive feedback. I'm hoping these
tools are useful to you!

With best regards and happy hacking!

Laslo Hunhold

[0]: http://tools.suckless.org/farbfeld

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