Re: [wmii] sh flame with Uriel

From: Aaron Griffin <>
Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2006 14:30:34 -0600

On 3/1/06, Uriel <> wrote:
> > We are not specifically talking about linux here, it just so happens
> > that WMII runs on X11, of which there are 2 major X servers supporting
> > X11 - XFree86 and, both of which require the GNU utilities.
> > Sure there are other options, and you can always replace all the
> > scripts distributed with each server, but that's not the real
> > discussion here.
> There are more X servers than XFree86 and I and neither XFree86
> or depend on GNU utilities either(auto*hell-ization by Gnome
> fools of R7 aside.)

I must make a point that I did not mean to say "GNU Utilities" -
rather both XFree86 and Xorg depend on sh, which is the true point of
discussion here.

Please note:
a) The usage of "2 major X servers" - I never denied the existance of
others, but meerly stated the most common ones
b) From xorg7:
head -n1 /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc
head -n1 /usr/bin/startx
there's loads more - I can go on if you like

> > Can you please point me to some article/mailing list thread where a
> > non-Linux OS is "trying to get rid of that crap as soon as possible".
> > Of course, logically, this would mean they have "that crap" to begin
> > with.
> Any BSD, and specially OpenBSD.

That was not my request - again, can you please point me to some
article/mailing list thread where a non-Linux OS is "trying to get rid
of that crap as soon as possible"? Or are you simply babbling without
any proof?

> > plan9port is 23MB on Archlinux. Assuming an additional download of
> > the source for systems such as gentoo or via FreeBSD ports, that's
> > +17MB. Please do not assume things are arbitrary without knowing
> > where they came from.
> Please, stop talking about things you have no clue; no one ever said
> wmii should depend on all p9p, so stop spreading FUD. Thank you.

From the original message which started this thread:
3. With respect to that, isn't it a fair deal if someone
wants to use rc, that he should install plan9port (instead of
abandoned 9base)?

It appears garbeam's plan is to stop maintaining 9base. Which would
make my earlier assertions actual fact. Please do not flame
arbitrarily - "stop spreading FUD" - start providing proof if you
don't wish to look like a fool.

> wmi was shit; if you don't agree, go back to use it and don't waste
> our time with this discussion.

Hmm, it appears you feel much the same way about WMII. I suggest you
take your own advice and return to wherever you came from. the "don't
waste our time" section fits especially well here.
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