Re: [wmii] Re: sh flame with Uriel

From: Bartosz Trudnowski <>
Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2006 20:52:12 +0100

2006/3/1, John Nowak <>:
> On Feb 28, 2006, at 9:14 PM, lawrence wang wrote:
> > Apologies if this has all been discussed elsewhere ad nauseam, but
> > what are the principles behind not wanting tabs?
> My personal tab annoyance is having to use one key command to move
> through frames, and another to move through tabs. It also requires
> the ability to lock a frame, or a separate key command for tab
> creation and frame creation. (And even then, if a program spawns a
> new window, does it show up as a tab or a frame?) If these new things
> act like collapsed frames instead of something else entirely, it
> should make for a more usable system. Not to mention that the title
> text will actually all fit on the screen...
> I also want to point out that I 100% support uriel and his argument
> that if he always listened to users, wmii would be a pile of shit by
> now. Democracy is imparative in national government as you don't get
> to pick from a variety of governments. You're stuck with the one
> you've got in your county. Better a bunch of small idiots than one
> big idiots. However, with software, you can pick from all sorts of
> democratic projects and enlightened monarchs. I'll take an
> enlightened monarch -- a single person who can develop a coheseive
> system the "right way" -- than a gaggle of rulers any day. Perhaps
> I'm just pessimistic, but I'm happy to see someone standing firm on
> the issues they deem critical.

Where anybody talked about democracy??? Listening arguments is not
democracy. And why to assume that users are wrong? Some of them are
developers, you know? Enlightened maybe? :P

How you can agree with Uriel, when he only deliver arbitrary opinions, but
no arguments?? Yes, he sometimes is right, but he never explain reasons.
This is way to annoy people, not to convince them, even when he is right.

Garbeam is not a saint and have faults, but at least try to discuss.

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