Re: [wmii] regarding documentation for wmii-3

From: Hans Hohenfeld <>
Date: Thu, 02 Mar 2006 20:44:38 +0100

I think you are right, but if there is documentation in different
languages, anybody should
feel responsable for maintaining the documentation in one language. It
should be enough
to change it for every release and that shouldn't bee to much work.
As mentioned before i would help on german and maybe english
documentation, if there is


On Thu, 02 Mar 2006 20:28:50 +0100, Olof Krantz <>

> Why do we want documentation in all the worlds languages? It just get's
> harder to keep them up to date.
> And docs that are not up to date is almost worse than no docs at all.
> Computer users need english anyway.
> Personally, I'm always suspicious to docs in swedish.
> If there is documentation in your native language, you will of course
> choose to read that. If the translator has been busy with something
> else, chances are the docs aren't up2date.
> Just having one english documentation, which is updated frequently to
> address the latest fixes and changes is better, well, that's what I
> think anyway.
> Just a thought.
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