Re: [wmii] veraenderter Modkey mit veraenderter Ctrl-Taste

From: Anthony Martin <>
Date: Sat, 4 Mar 2006 06:44:32 -0800

Sebastian Schenker <> once said:
> Which key is your Modkey? Alt!?

Yes, it's Alt.

> If I choose Modkey=Alt it works for me as well. But if I choose for
> example the left windowskey, which is Mod3 on my keyboard, it doesn't
> work with the "new" ctrl-key , but only for wmii keybindings. In an
> xterm I can press for example Ctrl-e and jump at the end of the line.
> (The "original" left ctrl-key works always.)
> If your Modkey is Alt please try another Modkey and try Modkey-Ctrl-p.

I don't have any windows keys on my keyboard (it's a very old compaq
board from around the time of the switch from DEC) but just to see if
you were right, I mapped the End key to Mod3. It worked fine even with
the Caps_Lock key mapped to another Control. It was awkward pressing
(the physical) End-Caps_Lock-p key combination to get the program menu
but it still worked.

Also, the bindings in my shell aren't set to use Ctrl-e to get to the
end of the line, so I ran bash and tried it (still using the Caps_lock
key as Control) and not to my surprise, it worked.

I'm not sure why you're having problems. Are you using a different
keyboard layout? German, perhaps?


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