Re: [wmii] snap: 20060307

From: Uriel <>
Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2006 23:29:57 +0100

> This file contains space-separated tags, to which the client is
> related. By default wmii provides numeric tags (1...9), which
> can be applied on the fly to any client using the
> $MODKEY-[1...9] shortcut. If no clients exists "1" is used as
> fallback default tag,
This is wrong, new windows should inhering the the tags of the current ws or
the parent window, I can't think of any case that would require a
default fallback.

> though this will be configurable in
> /def/tag with next snap.
> Pressing $MODKEY-2 for instance will replace the existing tag of
> the selected client with "2". If the currently constructed
> workspace does not match "2", the client will be hidden. If you
> want to see all clients which are tagged with "2" you press
> $MODKEY-Shift-2. Same applies for all other $MODKEY-Shift-[1..9]
> shortcuts.
As others have pointed out, this set of key bindings is totally retarded.

> This will create a workspace which matches all clients
> containing the tags '1' and '2'. Though this handling is not
> well tested at the moment and will slightly change, because I
> want to use regex(2) matching instead in future for this
> purpose. Thus use this feature only as experimental feature.
Don't use regexps, there is no reason to use them here and they will make
things much more complex.

> The filesystem has changed as well, to represent the new
> mechanism in a more natural way as follows:
> /clients is a directory which contains all(!) clients managed by
> wmii. This is necessary to address clients which are not visible
> in the current workspace.
> /ws is a shortcut directory to point to the current workspace
> which you see.
> /tags shows all unique tags which have been applied to any
> all clients.
> /cache is a directory which contains all workspaces which have
> [blah blah blah]
/cache should not be exported in any way. As far as users are concerned,
workspaces don't exists(or there is only one workspace, the current one)

> The column layout has been simplified now. You create new
> columns with $MODKEY-n if at least a client exists.
If a single client exists in the current col, this should be a no-op,
this should only
work if there are at least two clients in the current col (or if the
current client is floating)

> /def/inc has been removed, because I found a proper way to use
> as maximum available space as possible in layouts (even if
> clients request incremental resizing). You only get mininmal
> gaps which we can live with.
Thank God, about time!

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