Re: [wmii] snap: 20060307

From: Bill Puschmann <>
Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2006 18:07:29 -0500

> > This file contains space-separated tags, to which the client is
> > related. By default wmii provides numeric tags (1...9), which
> > can be applied on the fly to any client using the
> > $MODKEY-[1...9] shortcut. If no clients exists "1" is used as
> > fallback default tag,
> This is wrong, new windows should inhering the the tags of the current ws
> or
> the parent window, I can't think of any case that would require a
> default fallback.

They do. At least "solo" tags work that way. If I'm on Workspace "9" (or
displaying all windows tagged with 9.... still trying to visualize it
right), then any new windows will be tagged with "9". I haven't played with
multi-tagged windows yet.

> Pressing $MODKEY-2 for instance will replace the existing tag of
> > the selected client with "2". If the currently constructed
> > workspace does not match "2", the client will be hidden. If you
> > want to see all clients which are tagged with "2" you press
> > $MODKEY-Shift-2. Same applies for all other $MODKEY-Shift-[1..9]
> > shortcuts.
> As others have pointed out, this set of key bindings is totally retarded.

Sure. Agreed. Of course, you can just swap the bindings in
~/.wmii-3/wmiirc ... or was I the only person that discovered that?

> /tags shows all unique tags which have been applied to any
> > all clients.

I'm glad to see that there is a place this information can be accessed.
Although something similar to "pager" might be nice... only because I'm
having difficulty knowing which workspaces are currently in use and which
are empty (nice to know if you have that one application that wants the full
screen and doesn't play well with others...). Perhaps I'll script something
in the bar....

Two things annoy me about the new setup (which might be my unfamiliarity, or
as-yet-unimplemented features).

1) Next "workspace" and Previous "Workspace": It was nice being able to
scan through several pages of windows looking for updates (for example -
work email in one ws, home email/chat in a second, etc.). Is this going to
be possible? (Also, the left/right click on the bottom bar really helped
scroll through them).

2) Delete a workspace as soon as it's empty: I very much understand the
reasoning and thoughts here. However, it's become a bit annoying with some
applications. For example when you open a document in Inkscape, it closes
the current window and opens the graphic in a new window. So I'll go
through the problem of opening Inkscape, moving it to a ws, opening an
image.... then getting shoved back to another ws where I'll have to go back
and retag it with the correct tag... Also, sometimes I'll have to run a
slow loading application from an XTerm (rather than the wmibar). I used to
background it and close the Term while it loads. Now I have to wait for it
to show before closing the Term.

Just idiocyncracies, really.

(I'm also still getting an odd crashing bug relating to window resizing....
but I want to experiment with it more before typing up a full list of
symptoms - it's been happening with the last several snaps, but isn't too
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