Re: [wmii] feature suggestion/is this feature available yet?

From: John Nowak <>
Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2006 02:53:49 -0500

On Mar 14, 2006, at 1:31 AM, Jani H. Lahtinen wrote:

> Well, it is hard (undecidable in fact) to determine what is
> necessary and what is unnecessary. If being a real hard liner
> everything from the kernel up (or even below that) is unnecessary
> "bloat". "Who needs webbrowsers? You can view the html on the
> terminal."

I take it you've never heard me rant on how HTML itself is a bloated
mess. :-)

To be honest, I'm not convinced we need anything past wikipedia-style
syntax for web pages. It has tables and everything. Shift
presentation to the client. Everything else is bloat... and harmful
bloat at that. Why does some guy that works for Company B get to tell
me what fonts and colors and layout my computer should use for content?

Just for the record, I'm actually a design student...

- John
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