[wmii] Floating Window Resize Bug + Tag Switching Bug

From: Bill Puschmann <puschy_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2006 10:43:39 -0500

Found an issue in the last couple snaps (ever since floating windows were
put back in).

* Whenever a floating window is closed, columns reset to their "default"

I tend to run with Firefox opened in the left 2/3rds of the screen, with
C*Mus/CenterICQ/Pine open in a column on the right (got used to that layout
during the wmii-2 days). However, whenever Firefox opens a dialog (as a
floater) and then closes it (usually because I'm telling it where to save
the latest snapshot of wmii ;-), the columns' widths are reset to 50%/50%
(rather than the 66%/33% setup).

* Terms opening with "wrong" tags after switching

Kind of hard to explain this one. Best to give you a script. Basically,
open a Window, change its tag, switch to it, close it, open a new window and
the new window doesn't have the "expected" tags (plus, the view will switch
to the "incorrect" tagged view).

$MODKEY-t (new term)
$MODKEY-Shift-2 (tag it with #2)
$MODKEY-2 (show #2)
exit (close the term)
$MODKEY-t (expected: new term with tag #2)

However the result of the last command is new term with tag #1 and switch
"workspace view" to tag #1. This only appears to happen with this sequence
(open, move, switch, close, open). If, for example, you switch to view #2,
switch back to #1 and then back again to #2, then closing the term and
opening a new one will still leave you looking at #2 with a new term,
correctly tagged. (Sounds a bit convoluted... but it's snagged me once or
twice; and it may indicate something else that's at issue).

The other issue I'd mentioned in an earlier post had to do with vertical
resizing of windows (Firefox, specifically) when using the Alt-MouseButton
technique. Horizontally seemed fine, but vertically would crash WMII-3.
However, that's no longer the case and it works just fine.

Many thanks for WMI/WMII/WMII-3. I know I'm using development snapshots -
but hadn't seen any mention of these "issues" and have seen them in multiple
snaps. Just trying to raise awareness.

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