Re: [wmii] Floating Window Resize Bug + Tag Switching Bug

From: Anselm R. Garbe <>
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2006 17:01:45 +0100

Thanks for your report. Should be fixed with next snap which is
under development.


On Wed, Mar 15, 2006 at 10:43:39AM -0500, Bill Puschmann wrote:
> Found an issue in the last couple snaps (ever since floating windows were
> put back in).
> * Whenever a floating window is closed, columns reset to their "default"
> width.
> I tend to run with Firefox opened in the left 2/3rds of the screen, with
> C*Mus/CenterICQ/Pine open in a column on the right (got used to that layout
> during the wmii-2 days). However, whenever Firefox opens a dialog (as a
> floater) and then closes it (usually because I'm telling it where to save
> the latest snapshot of wmii ;-), the columns' widths are reset to 50%/50%
> (rather than the 66%/33% setup).
> * Terms opening with "wrong" tags after switching
> Kind of hard to explain this one. Best to give you a script. Basically,
> open a Window, change its tag, switch to it, close it, open a new window and
> the new window doesn't have the "expected" tags (plus, the view will switch
> to the "incorrect" tagged view).
> $MODKEY-t (new term)
> $MODKEY-Shift-2 (tag it with #2)
> $MODKEY-2 (show #2)
> exit (close the term)
> $MODKEY-t (expected: new term with tag #2)
> However the result of the last command is new term with tag #1 and switch
> "workspace view" to tag #1. This only appears to happen with this sequence
> (open, move, switch, close, open). If, for example, you switch to view #2,
> switch back to #1 and then back again to #2, then closing the term and
> opening a new one will still leave you looking at #2 with a new term,
> correctly tagged. (Sounds a bit convoluted... but it's snagged me once or
> twice; and it may indicate something else that's at issue).
> The other issue I'd mentioned in an earlier post had to do with vertical
> resizing of windows (Firefox, specifically) when using the Alt-MouseButton
> technique. Horizontally seemed fine, but vertically would crash WMII-3.
> However, that's no longer the case and it works just fine.
> Many thanks for WMI/WMII/WMII-3. I know I'm using development snapshots -
> but hadn't seen any mention of these "issues" and have seen them in multiple
> snaps. Just trying to raise awareness.
> Bill

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