Re: [wmii] snap: 20060313 -- tag bugs?

From: Stefan Tibus <>
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2006 19:07:20 +0100


I really like the new tags, as they allow grouping by name and not
only numbers, but have some problems with them.

First of all I need a newline at the end, when writing a tag to
a clients' tag file. I.e. when using wmiimenu to select and write
tags I need this:

                        extern `wmiir read /tags | sort | awk '\$0 !~ /^\$/' | wmiimenu | awk '{print \$0}' | wmiir write /ws/sel/sel/tags` &;;

without the second awk (may be replaced by echo $1) it doesn't work,
the tag is created but not selectable, the client stays hidden...
With the newline it works, but I get a glyph in the title bar
right after the tag.
Maybe related to this I have empty tags appearing in wmiir read /tags,
that's why I have the first awk in here, to remove those.

BTW I use this for tag selection:

                        extern `wmiir read /tags | sort | awk '\$0 !~ /^\$/' | wmiimenu | awk '{print "select " \$0}' | wmiir write /ctl` &;;

Also, clicking on the tag label in wmiibar to select those clients only
works for the first one (1) for me. Clicking on others does not do

Another annoyance is losing key bindings. Sometimes e.g.
$MODKEY-1 doesn't work. Doing a wmiir read /def/keys most
often helps, but not always.

This snap is much more useful to me than earlier releases.
Though I didn't like to read all those flamings within this
list (it's not been polite at all) I have to say thank
you to anybody who has contributed to wmii.

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