[wmii] an alternative way to dynamically resize windows

From: Nep <neptun_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 5 Apr 2006 02:32:25 +0300

I was thinking about the way the windows are resized when other windows
appear/disappear from the view. the present way works but I'm not sure it's
the best.

I often resize my windows so i have a large one and another or others of
smaller size.

Now if i need let's say a terminal for a few commands the proportions are

When i finish my work with the new window and close it I'm left with windows
of all equal height.

A better way for some (maybe it could be specified in the wmiirc file) would
be to resize windows according to percentages of the screen estate they take

Situation: 2 windows on the screen. a window (w1) that takes up 70% of the
screen height and another one (w2) that takes up 30% (no columns). a new
window appears on that view.

Then the height of the new window would be 1/3 of the screen height.(like it
already happens) but the the height of the others would be 70% and 30%
respectively of the remaining 2/3 of screen.

I think this could be implemented without too many complications.. it just
means some additional calculation:


n windows present on screen: w_1,w_2... w_n

their heights: h_1, h_2,... h_n

ScreenHeight: H

 when a new window w_n+1 with height h_n+1 appears:

height of new window:

h_n+1= H / (n+1)

 recalculate heights of existant windows:

x from 1 to n

h_x = h_x/H * (H h_n+1)

 The reverse when a window is closed.
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