Re: [wmii] an alternative way to dynamically resize windows

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Date: Wed, 5 Apr 2006 19:35:56 +0200

On Wednesday 05 April 2006 08:34,
> We just need to build the algorithms and that database mappings to stru...

Lol. We ? Or are you talking about Anselm ?

Do you think we just need to make the earth square to better fit your vision
of the UNIVERSAL SOLUTION it's so easy oh my ? :-p

Sorry but it was too tempting :-) But seriously, do you think it's THAT easy ?
Your arguments don't fit. Each instrument is optimized to a task. You won't
have a full keyboard on your phone if the only thing you have to do is enter
numbers. Mobile phones, which you can use to sens SMS tend to have keyboards.
Or T9, which is not optimal also. If you take music. Keyboards have tons of
buttons and each of them are useful. Some can even be turned, etc...

WMII is interesting but it certainly won't solve all your problems. Even if
you stay in the computer desktop world, wmii doesn't fit 100% all usage
scenarios. Designers would certainly prefer an OS X desktop because they like
the placement freedom and because they prefer bells ans whistels than a
coder. There are some cases where I would like to place my windows in a
different disposition, which WMII is not capable of. (Like one big window and
small-ones at the right and bottom of it)


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