Re: [wmii] Dynamicness, Window Sizes (again, sorry) and Xinerama.

From: Jonas Pfenniger <>
Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2006 16:49:30 +0200

Le 13 avr. 06 à 16:28, Adrian Ratnapala a écrit :
> I couldn't get it to work. I never got the free ATI drivers to work
> with multi-head of any kind. The commercial ones do their own
> Xinerama-compatible thing, and don't seem to allow anything
> else (X locked up hard and good when I tried to do it anyway).
> This is all odd, because I have at least one friend who uses the
> free drivers because he doesn't think the commercial ones support
> Xinerama.

I never got Xinerama working with Linux ATI drivers. Proprietary or not.
ATI have a stupid double-screen option for their drivers that allow
to merge both screens. Unfortunately, it's recognized as one big
screen in X11 which makes it hard for the window manager to work well.

Dual head setup work fine with both drivers on my FireGL2 card. What
model do you have ?

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