[wmii] Too much autocompletion in wmiimenu

From: Chris Foster <foster_AT_physics.uq.edu.au>
Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2006 11:00:47 +1000

Hi everyone,

I've just noticed a little annoyance with wmiimenu. If I want to return
a *substring* of one of the menu options, it autocompletes for me, and I
can only return the full menu option.

In particular, this is a problem if I've tagged a client with
and I want to reset it's tag to 1 - there doesn't seem to be a nice way
to do it with the default setup. I'm not sure whether to consider this
a bug in wmiirc or a nasty (in this particular case) feature of
wmiimenu... Unless I'm missing something.

I'm using snap wmii-20060414 (the latest I think).

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