Re: [wmii] Too much autocompletion in wmiimenu

From: Sander van Dijk <>
Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2006 08:16:54 +0200

On 4/20/06, Chris Foster <> wrote:
> In particular, this is a problem if I've tagged a client with
> 1+2
> and I want to reset it's tag to 1 - there doesn't seem to be a nice way
> to do it with the default setup. I'm not sure whether to consider this
> a bug in wmiirc or a nasty (in this particular case) feature of
> wmiimenu... Unless I'm missing something.

Hi everyone,

When there's both entered text and a selected item, wmiimenu will
print the item on stdout when you press Enter. This is good, since
this is what you generally want (the main point of wmiimenu is to show
a list of items from which the user can pick one).
The problem this thread is about is a serious one though, so I've
pushed a little change to hg last night that allows retagging from 1+2
to 1 in this way:
- type in a '1' into the input field
- this selects the '1+2' item
- if you press Enter, 1+2 will be printed
- if you press Shift-Enter, the default behavior will be overruled,
and '1' will be printed instead
This way we can make wmiimenu print out whatever we want regardless of
what items are shown, and we still keep the nice default behavior of
being able to just type a few chars and hit Enter when the wanted item
is highlighed.

Greetings, Sander.
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