Re: [wmii] Too much autocompletion in wmiimenu

From: Chris Foster <>
Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2006 14:01:36 +1000

> > Just add a space after whatever you're entering in the menu. So instead
> > of just "1", type "1 " and it will only return "1".
> That breaks my key bindings, ality. The client now has tag "1 " instead
> of just "1". Of course, I could do something to bind the keys properly,
> but all I'm saying is that the solution you proposed doesn't fit my
> needs out of the box.

Just what I said. Sorry for the repition guys (crossed posts).

> What I currently do to solve this situation is tag the client with
> a non-existant tag (e.g. z), then retag it with '1'. (or perhaps not
> using 1+2 at all... yup, that's what I do :) )

The way I've fixed it currently is to modify wmiirc to show all the
avaliable tags, not just the current one. The following should work
until a better fix is available:

  xwrite /view/sel/sel/tags "`( wmiir read /view/sel/sel/tags ; echo ; wmiir read /tags ) | sort | uniq | wmiimenu`" &;;

Pardon if this is not good sh, but I only have bash ;)

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