[wmii] WMII3 i18n

From: Alexander Polakov <polachok_AT_narod.ru>
Date: Sat, 22 Apr 2006 22:19:50 +0400

There is a bug with i18n in wmii, I think. I attached a screen shot, because I think I would ever explait it. In the title of every gtk2-application there's garbage before the cyrillic symbols looking like "4%/144koi8-r4". Such expression is before each cyrillic word in the label. I tried twm with this font, but the problem isn't there. I'm using wmii not for long time and this bug is one thing I don't like. Hope, you understood what I meant and have time to fix this before release.
I have some ideas about the source of the problem

here is twm realization of i18n, I think:
I18N_FetchName(Display *dpy, Window w, char **winname)
    int status;
    XTextProperty text_prop;
    char **list;
    int num;
    status = XGetWMName(dpy, w, &text_prop);
    if (!status || !text_prop.value || !text_prop.nitems) {
      *winname = NULL;
      return 0;
    status = XmbTextPropertyToTextList(dpy, &text_prop, &list, &num);
    if (status < Success || !num || !*list) {
      *winname = NULL;
      return 0;
    *winname = (char *)strdup(*list);
    return 1;

Maybe it can help...
Thank you in advance, Alexander Polakov

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