[wmii] guide_en.tex—some fixes

From: Denis Grelich <denisg_AT_ueberl33t.info>
Date: Sun, 7 May 2006 00:29:09 +0200


I made a mistake. I said in a preceding mail that »-« is never used in typography (in TeX), which is wrong of course. It is not used as a /dash/, but surely as a Hyphen :(
So I made a patch fixing the »fix.« Additionally, I fixed the one or the other typo.

Something else: I hope the guide will not be distributed as a tex file, because most »normal users« don't even have tetex installed. PDF is called PDF–Portable document format–for some reason. Also, the »wmii.tex« should be provided as a PDF (remember: guide_en refers once to wmii.tex. Don't know if it should refer to wmii.pdf or so)


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