Re: [wmii] Slow compared to ion

From: Suraj N. Kurapati <>
Date: Sun, 20 Aug 2006 16:22:17 -0700

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Kai Hendry wrote:
> why is Ion so much faster whilst switching workspaces? e.g.
> switching between alt+1 and alt+2

If your wmiirc communicates with wmii through the 'wmiir' program,
then this is the reason why wmii may be slower than ion. When your
wmiirc invokes 'wmiir' it forks a sub-process and thus a context
switch occurs, which is expensive in terms of total execution time.

If you change your wmiirc to communicate with wmii through libixp,
then switching views (and pretty much everything else) will feel
_much_ faster, because your wmiirc does not fork a sub-process (and
thus no context switch).

Ion's lua scripts access Ion sort of like libixp (because they do
not have to use a middleman like 'wmiir' to communicate with the
WM). Again, this means no sub-process to fork and thus no context
switch, which gives you a faster response.

Hope that helps.
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