Re: [wmii] How to work flexibly? Usage question.

From: Tom Lieber <>
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2006 09:14:56 -0400

On 8/22/06, Kai Grossjohann <> wrote:
> In the traditional "workspace" mind set, I would pick two workspaces
> (say 3 and 4), one for situation A and one for situation B. In both of
> them, I'd put the windows I want in the layout I want. And then I would
> switch back and forth between them using some keybindings (MOD-3 and
> MOD-4, say).
> But I guess that, with wmii, I'm supposed to create a tag "editing the
> foo project", I guess, and perhaps another tag "running the foo
> project". Both tags are created on demand, only during the week or so
> I'm working on this. But how to switch between the views? Surely not
> by entering their names -- that would be too inconvenient for an
> operation I do so often.

You could click on their tags... Everything else depends on your
wmiirc. You might use hotkeys for moving left and right through the
tag bar, hotkeys for going to the Nth tag, or hotkeys for going to the
first tag starting with a particular letter. You're really only
limited by your creativity here, and I believe that all of these are
available in the snippets section of the wmii site (under misc).

> Kai


Tom Lieber
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