[wmii] How to work flexibly? Usage question.

From: Kai Grossjohann <kai.grossjohann_AT_verizonbusiness.com>
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2006 13:20:16 +0200

wmii is a flexible window manager, but I fundamentally fail to grok what
this means. Hence my question about a concrete situation I'm in.
Hopefully your explanations will help me grok. Thanks a lot for your
input in advance.

For a given project, I frequently switch between two situations.

Situation A is that I'm editing code in a single window that I want to
occupy the whole screen.

Situation B is that I'm trying out the application in two or three
windows that I want to lay out in two columns.

Sometimes, I work in situation A for an hour or so, but oftentimes only
for a few seconds.

In the traditional "workspace" mind set, I would pick two workspaces
(say 3 and 4), one for situation A and one for situation B. In both of
them, I'd put the windows I want in the layout I want. And then I would
switch back and forth between them using some keybindings (MOD-3 and
MOD-4, say).

But I guess that, with wmii, I'm supposed to create a tag "editing the
foo project", I guess, and perhaps another tag "running the foo
project". Both tags are created on demand, only during the week or so
I'm working on this. But how to switch between the views? Surely not
by entering their names -- that would be too inconvenient for an
operation I do so often.

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